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From giving comfort for a pair of legs to having sold 850 million-plus products today, the secret has been the same throughout our three-decade-old journey. Time and again, our growth and success rely on our goodwill brought in by our founder through relentless years of hard work and determination. We understand that a robust and sincere approach has been the reason that takes your business towards success. At any given point of time, we are accessible, we are approachable, and we listen.

Awards & Achievement

We are the best in what we do, and we remain the best too!

Best Dealer and Distributor Award

Being the Best Performer time and again has become our Benchmark. Seen in the picture Mr Saleem Bhai along with Mr Mohamed Ubaith receiving the cheque from VKC Chairman Mr Mammed Koya for the best dealer and distributor 2010-2011.

Overall Achiever Award

For his tireless efforts and enduring spirit, Saleem Bhai has been recognised multiple times. Read more..

Achiever Of The Year

Setting Goals and Targets and smashing them is our practice. Seen in the picture is Read more..

Star Performance

All the hard work and effort deserves timely recognition, and we celebrate it with honour. Read more..

Best Performer

Appreciating achievers and motivating them to outperform is part of our core philosophy. Mr Mustaque Ahamed along with Read more..

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Consumer Insights for fashion

Posted on : Feb 4, 2021

Consumer trends have their impact over many businesses, but perhaps none more so than fashion. Companies and Brands agree that purchasing decisions tend to change from time to time, season to season, and also with demographics.

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PU Sole - A great Advantage for Manufacturers and Consumers

Posted on : Feb 4, 2021

A couple of decades ago, the footwear business was looking for an alternative option to replace the existing sole materials. There was a worldwide hunt for the most robust, in-vogue and the viable sole for the footwear industry. The journey saw new expectation when the sole manufacturers had disrupted with a fascinating and ingenious material - Polyurethane (PU).

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The undefeated PU Soles - Footwear Domination

Posted on : Feb 4, 2021

Throughout the long term, the footwear business has tried different things with different materials. The industry was consistently on a mission to innovate the best bottom material for shoes, sandals and slippers. While a great deal of these materials displayed uncommon outcomes in explicit models, there was one material that stood apart of the group with regards to comprehensive execution - Polyurethane (PU).

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Saleem Group

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“We know that greatness doesn’t come from standing still.
We have a long history of pushing our boundaries since 1986”

Evolution is constant and a mainstay at Saleem Group. Saleem Group is an effort of a brilliant mind with a commitment to push the boundaries of possibilities to reach the highest grade of services in the footwear industry. We always strive to put our ability to test therefore open up new opportunities. With a well-planned and farsighted strategy, the company has built up an excellent reputation and carved a place of pride among our statewide clients.

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