PU Sole - A great Advantage for Manufacturers and Consumers

Thursday 04
Feb, 2021

A couple of decades ago, the footwear business was looking for an alternative option to replace the existing sole materials. There was a worldwide hunt for the most robust, in-vogue and the viable sole for the footwear industry. The journey saw new expectation when the sole manufacturers had disrupted with a fascinating and ingenious material - Polyurethane (PU).

The PU sole manufacturers have been endorsing and providing this inspiring material for several years to create a plethora of footwear. The primary reason for its notoriety is that the PU sole advantages the footwear manufacturers just as the end-clients by and large with its stunning properties.

The Poly-Urethane has been broadly used as a sole material for footwear to produce robust and sustainable high-quality shoes for the applications requiring rough use such as trekking, sports, labour-intensive industries, and so on. However, the PU sole manufacturers have made it possible to use it as bottom material for causal and office footwear like formal shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes, sandals, sneakers, slip-on etc. Additionally, the consistent efforts of the PU manufacturers and the constant interest for this material by the footwear business, have now made the PU sole footwear very much affordable to the consumer. The sensible expense of the PU bottom makes it reasonable and suitable to install it in a wide range of footwear products than its counterparts.

How is PU Sole Made?

The polyurethane soles are manufactured by reacting an isocyanate prepolymer, such as methylene diphenyl isocyanate, and a polyol component in the presence of heat and an organometallic catalyst.

The liquid Poly-Urethane created from the reaction would then be able to be formed into the necessary sole designs utilizing injection moulding or pouring strategy. As the previous has more merits, it is the most effective strategy for the production of PU sole. By changing the factors, such as the types of raw material or additive components, the density and hardness of polyurethane can modify the material to deliver distinct characteristics.

To guarantee that the PU sole favour the footwear producers with its utilization in an expansive scope of footwear, the PU makers have developed two versions of the polyurethane.

Polyester: This form of the polyurethane is produced by utilizing polyester polyols and offers extraordinary resistance against heat and abrasion. Hence, it is utilized as a shoe sole material in the advancement of top-notch sports and wellbeing shoes.

Polyether: Produced by utilizing a mix of polyether polyols, the polyether polyurethane has a better completion to its surface. It offers water-safe characteristics, making it ideal to use in stylish general-purpose footwear such as street shoes and sandals.

PU Sole Advantages

The exceptionally equipped attributes of PU sole benefit the footwear producers and customers the same. This PU sole has legitimately made it the spirit of the footwear business. Here is a portion of these points of interest:

Featherweight: There is not any who'd prefer to drag weighty feet around; along these lines, a vaporous material like the polyurethane frequently fills in as the best option as the base for lightweight footwear.

Resistance to Water & Chemicals: Polyurethane is known for its inert, robust and sturdy attributes. Along these lines, the footwear makers discover PU base sufficiently worthwhile to be utilized as a shoe base material in top-notch wellbeing shoes for different enterprises.

The Finest Grip: These bottoms show a superb hold on even the most tricky surfaces, making them sufficiently appealing to be utilized in practically a wide range of footwear.

Solace and Durability: Due to its very much completed surface and calfskin like flexibility, Polyurethane offers both these characteristics in each sort of footwear.

Stun Absorption: For the applications where the shopper needs to stand or stroll around for long, the footwear ought to have good shock absorption retention properties. Thus, the polyurethane serves as the perfect fit to use as the sole material for such a purpose.

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