The Switch of Trend in Fashion After the Pandemic 2020

Thursday 04
Feb, 2021

There has been an immense change in the Industry of Fashion after the pandemic struck us all hard. Currently, the trends of fashion have also taken a big turn towards affordable fashion trending styles and outfits. The Fashion boom has grown to become steadily slow for the seasonal styles and basic needs of clothing and accessories like footwear and cosmetics.

The fashion life was always on a peak, and now, after the Covid-19 pandemic, we have still seen slow growth in need of fashion. There are of course certain aspects that have affected the industry and declined surplus. From shopping high-end couture to higher brand apparel, the trend has shifted to move on to sustainable clothing and organic clothing pieces. Like for example, in India, we have become more aware of locally produced clothing brands and organic fabrics of our country. Made in India clothing and brands are emerging at a higher graph.

This is something most have been finding a basic need in clothing and accessories. Spending over and over again on the same kinds of clothing has and will reduce in the future. Buying clothing and fashion pieces that last for longer is the key to save more than before. Buying pieces like basic Tees, Pants which may be styled over and over again is what the trend is shifting towards.

The safer way to buy clothing has become a focus for all customers going towards online shopping. The percentage of online buyers has rapidly increased for clothes after the pandemic. From casual wear shopping online to Indian fashion shopping for festivals and weddings all have become much more easy and convenient for consumers.

Websites and businesses are working to grow even wider with Online Shopping. Connecting with customers personally for their shopping experiences to make a new addition in budget clothing varieties for the customers is what’s taking place.


Fashion Shows as we once knew them are certainly, now a memory of the past. The effects of COVID-19 began to pose major health concerns in March, forcing Giorgio Armani to reveal his collection via live stream. This has proven to be one of the first shifts in the transition from live shows to digital ones.

The consensus seems to be that travel bans, and the newness of the situation has forced designers to rethink fashion shows and their showcases. As for September, many designers will not present a collection, and those that are have modified the number of future collections they will be releasing.

Men’s Fashion Week in London has now been changed to just London Fashion Week, which was held June 14-16. The designs included all genders, showcasing new designs, virtual showrooms, short films, podcasts, and playlists. The fashion houses that participated received time slots to present their collections. Links to resources like online lookbooks, digital showrooms, and eCommerce sites were included. A portal for displaying creative content by its users was included, as well as video diaries and interviews from designers.
Some designers decided to take a slightly different approach, like Nicholas Daley, who made a playlist that he called an interactive mood board that included sketches, snapshots of fabric, and music that reflected his inspiration for his spring collection.
The Spring ‘21 collections are going to be quite different this year, but we need to see what is to come as brands begin to reveal their inspiration and creations.
Covid-19 has a lot of designers scaling back the number of collections they will release.

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