The undefeated PU Soles - Footwear Domination

Thursday 04
Feb, 2021

Throughout the long term, the footwear business has tried different things with different materials. The industry was consistently on a mission to innovate the best bottom material for shoes, sandals and slippers. While a great deal of these materials displayed uncommon outcomes in explicit models, there was one material that stood apart of the group with regards to comprehensive execution - Polyurethane (PU).

Ever since its discovery, the polyurethane has been picking up ubiquity amid the footwear business and has set out upon an excursion to turn into the best base material ever. What has made polyurethane so popular is, its broad arrangement of characteristics that have permitted the PU base manufacturers to bring to the table a durable, stylishness yet reasonably priced bottom material for different sorts of footwear

From its initial use in safety shoes that made it outstanding amongst other shoe sole materials, this extraordinary material has now spread its arms as the producers have begun utilizing PU sole for sandals, trainers and casual sneakers too. While depending on its comprehensive usage, PU sole seems like the best sole material. The predominant question is, how the polyurethane could beat its rivals to accomplish this achievement. How about we see PU sole's fascinating excursion of turning into the spirit of the footwear businesses!

PU sole vs Leather sole

The leather is a troublesome contender to coordinate to, because of its stylish aesthetics, texture and regular versatility. Notwithstanding, it could undoubtedly lose to the polyurethane when it went to some non-debatable tests like solidness, breathability, water resistance, insulation and many more. On the off chance that these pain points weren't sufficient for the makers to pick the polyurethane over leather, the executive price point of leather helped the PU sole win the battle.

PU sole versus Rubber sole

After the defeat of leather sole against the solid PU sole, the next was the artificially created rubber sole. Among the numerous variants of rubber, vulcanized rubber confronted the polyurethane as the most grounded competitor with its potential to make your shoes waterproof, and to keep your feet dry and warm.

Be that as it may, the higher strength and lightweight qualities of polyurethane were sufficient for the PU bottom manufacturers to persuade the footwear business. It was an insightful decision to utilize PU sole for sandals, sports shoes and trendy sneakers rather the bulky and less sturdy rubber ones.

PU sole versus EVA sole

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a material that has been utilized for quite a long time in the bottoms of sports shoes because of the incredibly low density that makes it exceptionally versatile and delicate under the feet. While the cushioning touch and comfort it offers in running shoes make EVA outstanding amongst other shoe sole materials, it lost to PU sole as its application has been restricted distinctly to the midsoles of running shoes.

Likewise, the failure of EVA to withstand abrasion and long haul compression and the ease of picking up dirt on its surface made it repugnant sole material for any other footwear. Then again, the footwear business keeps on utilizing PU bottom for sandals and sneakers as well. In this manner, it isn't just a standout amongst other shoe bottoms yet additionally the best one for an extensive range of footwear.

PU sole versus PVC sole

PVC Soles are of similar material utilized in the manufacturing of hard plastic lines, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) sole offered a neck and neck competition to PU sole. Its insulation, durability, and resistance to abrasion, water and chemicals were difficult to contend with PU bottoms. Be that as it may, PU sole providers didn't have to stress for long as the PVC sole's helpless ventilation, surface and grip on the ground gave the PU sole an edge to make it the best sole material. 

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